1. Meet Paulus inside the Catacombs.
  2. Go with Paulus and use your healing prayers to make sure he survives.
  3. Return to Brother Mhenlo for your reward.

Obtained from

Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
<primary profession> Test
Note: This quest will become unavailable to non-Monks who have decided upon a non-Monk secondary profession.


250 XP


"One of the tasks my messengers have been given is collecting the rare elements in Ascalon for study here at the abbey. My young friend Paulus thinks he has discovered such a treasure in one of the flooded areas of the catacombs, but he cannot reach it on his own. Paulus, you see, is a smiting Monk and not very adept at healing magic, and the waters in that area of the catacombs are full of disease.
I will grant you a simple healing spell. Meet Paulus inside the catacombs, and he will show you where the trouble is. Return to me when Paulus has successfully retrieved the artifact."
Accept: "Show me the light."
Reject: "I have other plans."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Paulus the Abbot: "Try to keep up."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Paulus the Abbot: "Here we are. Are you ready?"

Reward Dialogue

"You have done quite well for your first task. Paulus reports his findings are most promising, and I think you might have great promise as well to advance among Monks."


Mhenlo gives you two skills for assistance:

The holy artifact Paulus needs to recover is located in an area flooded with diseased water, so you need to heal him (and yourself) as he makes his way through. Descend into The Catacombs and follow Paulus through the maze. Use Bane Signet against the Undead foes you encounter: Undead take double damage from holy attacks. Make sure to heal Paulus when he needs it. Once he finds the Unusual Artifact, follow him back out, again making sure to keep him healed.

Once he leaves the Catacombs, head back to the Abbey, and report to Mhenlo for your reward.


  • This quest requires you to visit the exact same area as in Rites of Remembrance; it's a good idea to get both quests before venturing out.
  • Paulus will survive with ~10% health left if you do not heal him. Just make sure you keep up with him or he will stop and wait.
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