Disambiguous This article is about the Shield named Aegis. For the Monk enchantment spell, see Aegis.
Aegis (shield)
Shield of the Wing
Shield details
Attribute(s) Tactics
Common Iron Ingots
Rare Steel Ingots


An oval shaped shield rimmed with a studded golden border. The front of the shield seems to be made of cracked white enamel and is reinforced with a cross of the same material as the border. At the center of this cross is a lion's head rimmed with four wings that form an "X" shape. The back of the shield is wooden.


The Aegis can be found:

Prophecies Campaign

Nightfall Campaign

  • To be added.

Eye of the North Campaign


This shield cannot be dyed.

Uniques with this appearance


  • In Greek Mythology, the Aegis was Zeus' shield which was mounted with the head of the Gorgon.
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