Arbor Bay
Arbor Bay
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Tarnished Coast
Vlox's Falls, Alcazia Tangle,
Shards of Orr, Riven Earth
Arbor Bay Map
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Arbor Bay is the first Explorable area of the Tarnished Coast that anyone coming in through the Vloxen Excavations tunnel from the Verdant Cascades will see. It is very large, and mostly composed of the bay that it is named for, which is shallow enough to wade in. There are also some coastal land, which is quite wide in the east, and a large cave in the Northwest, which has some ruins in it that some Asura have planned to settle. These plans, however, may be doomed to failure, due to the Pale Tree that Ventari and Ronan have planted in the wide lake in the shadowy southwest of the Bay...


Towns and Outposts

Explorable areas








Arbor Bay


Arbor Bay Tree

Tree found at Ventari's settlement

  • There are roughly 464-560 monsters to Vanquish in Hard Mode.
  • When entering from Vlox's Falls, parties must pull and take care not to overaggro foes, as there are many fast-moving Krait with overlapping patrol zones.
  • Completing the quest O Brave New World will bring the total to about 548.
  • The settlement of Ventari is located here, meaning the Sylvari will be born here. The tree (shown to the right) also shows up in the cut-scene for the A Time for Heroes quest.
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