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An arena is a PvP location where 4 vs 4 matches take place.

For a list of all Arenas, see Category:Arenas.

Low Level Arenas[]

Prophecies Campaign[]

There are two low level arenas, namely Ascalon Arena and Shiverpeak Arena. There is a maximum level on these of 10 and 15 respectively. This is so that lower level players can have PvP battles without having their level as such a disadvantage. These two arenas are not located with the rest of the arenas on The Battle Isles, but are instead located in the Tyrian continent. Characters from a different campaign must travel to Ascalon City to be able to enter the Ascalon Arena or travel to Yak's Bend to be able to enter the Shiverpeak Arena. However, by that time, most players have long since passed the arena level caps and cannot fight in them.

When a PvE character first enters Post-Searing, they immediately have access to Ascalon Arena (provided, of course, that they have not reached above level 10 while in Pre-Searing). In order to access Shiverpeak Arena, players must reach Yak's Bend, a location at the start of the Shiverpeaks. A PvP character cannot access the low level arenas.

Factions Campaign[]

Once a PvE character first enters Shing Jea Monastery, they will have access to Shing Jea Arena by talking to Bauyun (Arena Guard). This arena's specifications are the same as Ascalon Arena, the max level is 10 and parties are randomly picked. As this is a location in the story of Factions, PvP characters cannot access this arena. Characters from a different campaign can enter the outpost upon reaching Shing Jea Monastery. By this time most foreign characters are at level 20 and cannot fight in the arena.

Nightfall Campaign[]

In the north of Kamadan is a Sunspear Arena (levels 1-10 only).

In all Low Level arenas, use of elite skills is not allowed.

High Level Arenas[]

All high level arenas are located on The Battle Isles continent. There are two such arenas, Random Arena and Codex Arena; the difference being that Codex Arena permits players to form their own teams with a limited pool of skills, while Random Arena forces players into random teams.

Although it is shown in the Factions Guidebook and the Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts, the Gladiator's Arena has been removed from development and has never been included in the game.

Before the October 22nd 2009 update,you could also access the Team Arenas and Hero Battles.

The high level arenas are accessible once a PvE character reaches Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center or Consulate Docks. A PvP character automatically has access to the high level arenas.

While Heroes' Ascent is marked as an arena on the map, it is not normally considered one by players.