Ascalon Arena
Ascalon Arena
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Arena
Part of: Ascalon
Ascalon City


For hundreds of years, heroes of all stripes have been coming to the Arenas in times of peace to practice and hone their skills. The Ascalon Arena is one of the best places for new heroes to train and learn the basics of arena combat.

The following applies for this arena (but not for this map when it comes up in Random Arenas):

  • Max. Level: 10
  • Team Size: 4
  • Teams: Random
  • Elite skills disabled

There is a tar area in the center of the arena, which causes a slow effect. Most teams will attempt their opening push on the high knoll off to the west.

Getting there

Talk to Meghan the Arena Guard in Ascalon City.




  • Since the Battle Isles update, the Ascalon Arena playing map is now in full circulation in the Random and Team Arenas. There is also another Ascalonian arena called Heroes' Crypt, but this should not be confused with Ascalon Arena because they are separate maps. Heroes' Crypt is only available through the Random and Team Arenas located on the Battle Isles.
  • This is also the same arena played in during the Academy Pre-Searing. The Tar in the middle is where Warmaster Grast was standing.
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