Many assassin skills have a requirement on their use beyond the usual energy cost such as "must follow a lead attack" or "must strike a hexed foe." Attempting to use an attack skill without meeting its requirement will cause the attack to miss and using any other type of skill will cause that skill to fail. In either case, the skill will not refund the energy cost but will not start its recharge cycle. The following tables give an overview of assassin attacks with such requirements. See the key at the bottom for help reading the tables.

Standard chains

In this table, off-hand attacks must follow a lead attack and dual attacks must follow an off-hand attack.

  Lead Attack Energy Recharge Off-Hand Attack Energy Recharge Dual Attack Energy Recharge
Critical Strikes Unsuspecting Strike 10 2   Critical Strike 5 6
    Twisting Fangs 10 15
Dagger Mastery Black Lotus Strike 10 6 Fox Fangs 5 3 Nine Tail Strike 5 8
Black Mantis Thrust 5 4 Golden Fang StrikeE 5 4 Blades of Steel 5 8
Desperate Strike 5 6 Jungle Strike 5 10 Death Blossom 5 2
Disrupting Stab 5 10 Lotus StrikeE 10 12 Death Blossom (PvP) 5 6
Golden Fox StrikeN 5 4 Temple Strike 15 20 Horns of the Ox 5 12
Golden Lotus Strike 5 5 Wild Strike 5 4 Shattering AssaultN 10 4
Jagged Strike 5 1   Trampling OxE 5 8
Leaping Mantis Sting 5 8    
Deadly Arts Dancing Daggers2 5 5 Mantis Touch2 5 15 Vampiric AssaultE 5 8
Iron PalmT 5 20    
Ebon Vanguard Sneak Attack3, E, P 5 5    

Irregular chains

In this table, the requirement for each skill is listed. A blank space means the skill has no special requirement.

  Req Off-Hand Attack Energy Recharge Req Other Energy Recharge
Critical Strikes   Palm StrikeT 5 7 DualAttack required Assault Enchantments1, N, O 5 2
Dagger Mastery Hex Black Spider StrikeN 10 12 LeadAttack required Exhausting AssaultD 5 8
K Falling Lotus StrikeE 5 12  
K Falling SpiderE 5 8  
Enchantment Golden Phoenix Strike 5 8  
Enchantment Golden Skull StrikeN 10 15  
DualAttack required Moebius Strike 5 2  
OffHand required Repeating StrikeX 5 0  
Deadly Arts   LeadAttack required Entangling Asp2, O 10 20
  DualAttack required Impale1, O 5 15
  DualAttack required Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP)E, O 0 12
Shadow Arts   OffHand required Blinding Powder2, O 5 20


Skill names in bold are elite skills.

LeadAttack required Must follow a lead attack.

OffHand required Must follow an off-hand attack.

DualAttack required Must follow a dual attack.

Enchantment No effect unless you are enchanted.

Hex Must strike a hexed foe.

K: No effect unless target foe is knocked down.

D Dual Attack

O Not a lead, off-hand, or dual attack. Does not affect the attack chain.

N Nightfall campaign skill.

E Eye of the North campaign skill.

P PvE-only skill.

X +15 second recharge if skill misses.

T Touch skill, does not require daggers.

1 Skill (Skill type), does not require daggers.

2 Spell, does not require daggers.

3 Melee Attack, does not require daggers.

Picture of attack chains

Attack chain english version

Picture of attack chains (English version)

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