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==Asura Armor==
At Rank 5 [[Asura]] you can purchase armor from [[Klub]] at [[Rata Sum]] for 10k a piece.
==Asura Weapons==
At rank 4 Asura (Not too boring)You can craft [[Asuran weapons]] at Rata Sum from [[Nojj]] for 5k, 40 [[wood planks]], and 400 [[granite slabs]]

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The Asura Title Track is one of the title-tracks introduced in Guild Wars Eye of the North.

The Asura Title Track

Rank Title Asura reputation points: Energy Bonus Notes
1 Not Too Smelly 1,000 6 Required for Edification
2 Not Too Dopey 4,000 7  
3 Not Too Clumsy 8,000 8 Required for crafting Asuran Consumables (Kwat)
4 Not Too Boring 16,000 9 Required for crafting Asuran weapons (Nojj)
5 Not Too Annoying 26,000 10 Required for crafting Asuran armor (Klub)
6 Not Too Grumpy 40,000 11  
7 Not Too Silly 56,000 12  
8 Not Too Lazy 80,000 13 Asuran Bodyguard is no longer available in normal mode

Hero's Handbook is no longer available in Normal mode

9 Not Too Foolish 110,000 14  
10 Not Too Shabby
(Max level)
160,000 15  

Earning Asura reputation points

You can earn Asura reputation points in the following ways:

The Magus Stones(~350 enemies) explorable area contains a large number of easy to kill Wind Riders, making it a good place to farm while under this blessing. Clearing all enemies nets between 3,000 and 6,500 points, depending on your luck with bonuses.
Another excellent area is Arbor Bay(~400 enemies), due to the high number of easy enemies. While clearing this area, it is best to move south from Vlox's Falls and then do a zigzag pattern across the entire map. This route provides fairly evenly spread encounters, meaning a rampage can be maintained for the entire time. 3,000 to 6,000 points can be gained in this way, depending on luck with bonuses. This run takes about 1 hour to complete the entire field.
  • Winning Polymock matches. (40-90 points depending on opponent).
  • Completing certain dungeons in Asura lands. Note, the Asura points are rewarded for completing the dungeon; killing monsters inside the dungeon gives you Deldrimor points.
  • Another good way of earning title points is starting from Tarnished Haven and going up through Alcazia Tangle(~225 enemies) towards Vlox's Falls. There is a merchant at the bottom of Arbor Bay on an island that you can sell your items to. This run nets between 2,500 and 5,000 points.

Title benefits


Displaying the title (after obtaining rank 1 and talking to Lexx) grants you a status effect:


Edification. Title. You have +5...15 Energy while in Asura territory.

Asura skills

These 12 skills have effects that are linked to your rank in the Asura title track. They are earned as rewards for completing certain quests given by Asura NPCs.

Asura AllegianceCartographerChampionCommanderCodexDefender of AscalonDeldrimor AllegianceDrunkardEbon Vanguard AllegianceFaction AllegianceGamerGladiatorGuardianHeroKind Of A Big DealLegendary CartographerLegendary GuardianLegendary Skill HunterLegendary VanquisherLightbringerLucky/UnluckyMaster of the NorthNorn AllegianceParty AnimalProtectorSkill HunterSunspearSurvivorSweet ToothTreasure HunterVanquisherWisdomZaishen

Asura Armor

At Rank 5 Asura you can purchase armor from Klub at Rata Sum for 10k a piece.

Asura Weapons

At rank 4 Asura (Not too boring)You can craft Asuran weapons at Rata Sum from Nojj for 5k, 40 wood planks, and 400 granite slabs

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