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Attack Point Shrines exist on all Alliance Battle maps. Attack Point shrines are only active to an alliance when they are under their control, this can be recognised by a blue light(Kurzick) or red light(Luxon) spreading out from the shrine. When the shrine is not controlled by either alliance, it will not display any colour and is in a neutral status.

Attack Point Shrines are generally tended to by 2 rangers. During the maps Kaanai Canyon and Ancestral Lands they are tended to by a necromancer, mesmer and ritualist when the defending alliance has control of the shrine.

When you are in the area of this shrine, you will have the skill Battle Cry applied to you, this skill lasts for 1 minute and will increase the movement speed 25% faster, attack speed 15% faster and skills recharge 33% faster. To reapply this skill you must wait for it to wear off then step back into the area of the shrine.

This shrine is also called an Equipment Station in the maps Kaanai Canyon and Ancestral Lands, it will also contain a Powder Keg if controlled by the attacking alliance, used to blast open the doors to the centre fort by dropping it near them or a Repair kit if controlled by the defending team, used to repair gates by holding the object and clicking the gate lock.

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