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Every profession has 4 or 5 attributes, one of them being the primary attribute of the profession. The primary attribute of a profession is only available if the respective profession is also the character's primary profession. For example: an Elementalist/Mesmer has Energy Storage and all other Elementalist and Mesmer Attributes except Fast Casting, while a Mesmer/Elementalist has Fast Casting and all other Mesmer and Elementalist Attributes except Energy Storage.


Attribute point cost for each rank.

Rank Incremental
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 3 6
4 4 10
5 5 15
6 6 21
7 7 28
8 9 37
9 11 48
10 13 61
11 16 77
12 20 97

Ranks are the measure of a character's development of a given attribute. Their values indicate how powerful a certain attribute's skills are. Additionally, ranks in weapon mastery attributes (including Beast Mastery) will increase the damage dealt by using the respective weapon type. See Damage Rating progression for details on how weapon mastery attribute ranks affect damage.

Attribute Points (AP) are used to increase an attribute's rank. Each rank costs more points than the previous rank, as detailed in the table to the right. Attribute points can raise an attribute to a maximum rank of 12.

Equipment and other effects can raise attributes beyond rank 12 to a game-enforced cap of 20.

There are also several ways to increase attributes that are only available in PvE. The consumables allow all attributes to be raised to 20 in PvE.

The maximum ranks attainable in PvP are as follows (not counting "of Mastery" or "Master of My Domain"):

Attribute Max
  • All other attributes

Many players prefer to specialize in 2 or 3 attributes to make most effective use of limited skill slots and AP. For example, a monk dedicated to healing might decide to have 12 rank in both Healing Prayers and Divine Favor. This costs nearly all the character's AP, but allows for maximum effectiveness of skills linked to those attributes. However, because of the quickly diminishing returns of higher ranks, it is a viable strategy to diversify into 4 or more attributes if a build requires doing so.

Keep in mind that these limitations only apply to human players; NPCs can have their attributes at a higher level than the 12 rank limit without having to resort to runes or additional equipment.

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