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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the PvE campaign.

Avatars are representatives of the Gods of Tyria that interact with players in the game. They are summoned by approaching a god's statue and issuing an emote command. The most frequently used is kneeling, and would be keyed as:


If the world currently has the Favor of the Gods, an avatar should appear. Clicking on them (as with any other NPC) will bring up a dialogue box, which usually has further options.

These are the gods' avatars available in the game right now:

If you talk to a god's avatar, he may offer you special tasks and services:

Avatar quests

This is a list of quests given by gods' avatars in the game right now:

Dervish avatars

Dervishes have elite skills that allow them to change into the form of any of the gods. These skills give the user a unique appearance depending on the god the skill is for. Each avatar form for the Dervish comes with its own unique attributes.


  • Avatars when used by heroes are smaller in comparison to their human-controlled counterparts.
  • If a player dies during the transition from Avatar form to normal form (during the bright flash), there is no corpse.
  • Sometimes after returning to normal from Avatar form, the character's color tint changes slightly red, or almost invisible.

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