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Disambiguous.png This article is about the skill named "Avatar of Lyssa". For information about the avatar of Lyssa, see Lyssa's Muse.
Skill details
Avatar of Lyssa
Avatar of Lyssa.jpg
Campaign: Nightfall Dervish
Profession: Dervish
Attribute: Mysticism
Type: Elite Form
    5 Energy 2 Activation 30 Recharge

Full: For 10...74 seconds, you have +20 maximum Energy and your attacks deal +5...41 damage to foes activating skills. This skill is disabled for 120 seconds.

Concise: (10...74 seconds.) You have +20 maximum Energy and your attacks deal +5...41 damage to foes activating skills. This skill is disabled for 120 seconds.

Mysticism 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Duration 10 15 21 26 31 37 42 47 53 58 63 69 74 79 85 90 95 101 106 111 117
+Damage 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35 38 41 44 47 50 53 56 59 62 65


Signet of Capture:


This image shows how the user appears while under the influence of this skill.

  • While in this Form, character animations (emotes, attacks, casts, etc.) will be the same as a Female Mesmer's.
  • This is a good skill when used against builds based on long activation times, particularly Ritualists and certain Elementalist builds.
  • Skills which cause foes to attack or cast slower are useful to use in combination with Avatar of Lyssa. A few good examples are Faintheartedness, Arcane Conundrum, and Tryptophan Signet.
  • Skills such as Serpent's Quickness that reduce skill recharge rates have no effect on this skill, due to the fact that this skill is disabled instead of recharging.
  • Quick-activation attacks like Mystic Sweep, Eremite's Attack are particularly effective with this skill.
  • If you interrupt a foe activating a skill that is easily interruptible or the target is dazed, you will not deal bonus damage.
  • Heroes in avatar form are comparatively smaller than humans.
  • All Avatars can be recharged with Eternal Aura (though not kept up indefinitely at 0 Mysticism since the duration change).
  • Consider bringing an IAS like Heart of Fury, to have a better chance of hitting an enemy activating skills.
  • Consider bringing along Radiant Scythe. You will almost always get the max damage.
Bug.png Bug! When this avatar form ends, your character may be temporarily invisible until moving to a new location. This may be true of all avatars. Gameplay is not adversely affected.


  • According to the Nightfall Manuscripts, the form that the player takes on while in the Avatar of Lyssa is of the Elonian image of the god, using masks to show many faces of beauty, instead of twin sisters.

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