Base Defender
Base Defender.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


The Base Defender (seen in-game as Kurzick Base Defender or Luxon Base Defender) is a guardian that can be found at the bases of teams in the Alliance Battles. His only function is to make it impossible for the opposing team to enter his team's base. He uses the destructive Base Defense skill to stop all enemies in their tracks.


Skills used


"It is my duty to keep this area clear of enemies so that you can be resurrected safely."


  • It is impossible to kill a Base Defender, as they are invulnerable.
  • If you manage to hit a Base Defender with an AoE, it will have absolutely no effect.
  • The Base Defender cannot be knocked down.
  • Base Defense has an AoE (most likely nearby range) that makes mass-rushes, with the intention to get past the Base Defender, impossible.
  • It is possible to bypass the Base Defender through the use of shadow steps.
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