The Battle of Jahai, mentioned by Turai Ossa, seems to be a famous battle in Elonian history, where Turai "single handedly defeated Palawa Joko, the scourge of Vabbi".

After 100 days of bloody battle, Turai Ossa and his elite troops defeated Joko's undead forces of grey giants [sic] and undead centaurs. Yet, despite attempts made with magic, blade, and even other means, Palawa Joko could not be killed. Turai Ossa's elite forces chained him by magic and bound him deep in the earth. Thus the undead lord's defeat was complete and Palawa Joko sealed away forever in a location kept secret by the Order of Whispers.

--Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko in Jahai Bluffs

One of the four historical missions in the Bonus Mission Pack takes place during the Battle of Jahai.

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