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The run from Ascalon City to Lion's Arch is an run that can be mildly difficult in very specific but limited stretches. However, like most runs it can be done with 0-2 skills. This guide covers the section between Ascalon and Beacon's Perch; for the remainder of the run, see Beacon's (to and from) Lion's Arch.


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Although stopping at Piken Square may be handy for obtaining certain skill-quests, it is still very far out of your way so it's best to skip it. Be careful not to be body blocked by Charr on the main path and steer far wide of them if you have a lag-prone connection.

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Often the most difficult part of the Lowlands for a new runner is avoiding getting "lost". Unless this is their very first character, the player you're running shouldn't need anything in Grendich Courthouse as it's also quite a bit off the direct path and offers no unique skills.

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Be careful not to get trapped by the Hydras and then knocked down by their meteors.

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Head straight north and take a pit stop at Yak's Bend. The next part is the shortest part of the run but also among the highest concentrations of Enchantment Strips and Crippling in this run, combined with ranged and PBAoE water hexes from the Ice Golems, which can easily lead to disaster. "I Am Unstoppable!" is highly recommended for any class attempting this section.

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Crippled.jpg Frozen Burst.jpg Ice Spikes.jpg Strip Enchantment.jpg Shatter Enchantment.jpg Faintheartedness.jpg Suffering.jpg

Each path in Iron Horse presents its own unique challenges. The northern and southern exterior routes are both prone to heavy body blocking and may require the same strategy used in Griffon's Mouth below. The center paths, on the other hand, offer up short bursts of very heavy incoming damage, crippling, and hexes. The fastest way is through the bridge.

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The most popular builds for this run are also the most common builds for many runs and are listed below: (links go to PvX Wiki)

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  • The screenshot maps say Ice Toooth Cave, but the "patched" name is Ice Tooth Cave.

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