The run from Ascalon City to Lion's Arch is a extremely common run that can be difficult in very specific but limited stretches. This guide covers the section between Beacon's Perch and Lion's Arch; for the remainder of the run, see Beacon's (to and from) Ascalon City.


This run can be achieved by almost any class that is spec'd for running, therefore no build-specifics are necessary.

The default table order shows the maps from Beacon's to Lion's Arch. To show the maps in order for the reverse run, simply click the sort icon above the maps.

Notes Maps

The only creatures encountered here are Centaurs, and two-to-four groups of low level Snow Ettins, neither of which present any threat as long as you swing wide of them to avoid getting body blocked.

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Deldrimor Bowl to Beacon's Perch
Monster skill (Lag)

Snow Ettins are the only creatures encountered in this portion of the run but they present a serious body blocking hazard (especially along the red path indicated on the map). Simply use a shadow step or ranger stepping to get past them.

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Run guide Griffons Mouth
Life Siphon Soul Barbs Deep Freeze Grasping Earth
Crippled Poison (quest-specific)

This zone presents two different threats, depending on the make-up of your party. For most characters, who are simply getting run and aren't completing the quests along the way, Mergoyles and Skale are the only creatures encountered, and are easily passed by with the right Hex countermeasures. However, if anyone in the party has the quest To Kryta: Journey's End active, most of the monsters will be replaced by Orrian undead, presenting a serious crippling hazard from Grasping Ghouls. In this case, anti cripple skills are very helpful, especially if you are taking the detour to the Gates of Kryta mission outpost (red path on the map) where the path bottlenecks so tightly that avoiding them may be impossible.

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Run guide Scoundrels Rise
Life Siphon Soul Barbs

While this is ordinarily a simple run through the swamp, it can still prove tricky to new runners, or those with lag problems, should they get stuck in the northern-most portion of the swamp where over a dozen Skale lie waiting to block the path.

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Run guide North Kryta
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