Ben Wolfson
Species: Human
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 5


Ben Wolfson is a good friend of Gate Guard Torin, who's got separated with his outfit when it fell under attack by a Charr patrol and has since been stranded in The Northlands.

Quests involved in

Location found

Skills used


  • When going Charr-hunting in The Northlands (a popular activity among high-level and "permanently-in-pre-Searing", or perma-pre, characters), bring him along as he can be quite helpful since he adds to the party size. He can often tank one or two Charrs at a time thanks to his moderate Armor and excellent use of Troll Unguent.
  • Keep in mind that foes will not drop loot for the party if Ben deals most of the damage to that foe, since his base damage is fairly high for his level, though the party will gain full experience for the kill as usual.
  • He can actually level up if much foes have been slain and the party size is 1 (i.e. solo).
  • He will not spawn if the mentioned quest is inactive or completed.
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