Bergen Hot Springs
Bergen Hot Springs
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Outpost
Part of: Kryta
Nebo Terrace


The healing properties of these hot springs are renowned across the continent of Tyria. Pilgrims travel from all corners in hopes of being cured of what ails them, from rheumatism to gut rot to demonic possession. Water taken from the Bergen Hot springs is a key ingredient in potions and salves used by village medics far and wide.

Getting there

Travel northwest from Lion's Arch through North Kryta Province until the Ascalon Settlement. Head west into Nebo Terrace then turn south.

The Hot Springs Murders quest that can be acquired from Inspector Caleb in Nebo Terrace leads to this outpost.




Bergen Hot Springs


  • Bergen Hot Springs is often used as a launching point for the journey to the Temple of the Ages.
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