Visual Effect of Blocking.

Blocking is a game mechanic that prevents attacks from hitting. Blocked attacks deal no damage, gain no Adrenaline, and are represented visually by a small white spark followed by the text "block" briefly floating above the target. Blocking skills come in varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on the chance to block, duration, and types of attack blocked. Multiple blocking effects are treated as a two-step process, therefore if you have one 50% chance to block skill and one 75% chance to block skill, the game treats it like this:

  • 50% chance to block
    • Blocked
    • Not blocked
  • If not blocked then 75% chance to block
    • Blocked
    • Not Blocked

The chance of enemies hitting you is 50%*25%=12.5%. Thus giving you a net total of a 87.5% to block.

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