Bloodstone Caves
Bloodstone Caves
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Dungeon
Levels: 3
Part of: Depths of Tyria
Bloodstone Caves Map
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Many adventurers have told legends of the Bloodstone, and a few brave souls claim to have seen them. Even after hearing these stories, standing in the presence of such power is still quite... intoxicating. A brilliant Asuran researcher named Gadd assisted us in our search for another Bloodstone. With our help, the Asura would have to decipher a series of insciptions placed by the guardians... odd creatures called inscribed ettins... before we could reach the legendary relic. The guardians were busy shoring up their defenses, and our allies in the Shining Blade had taken an interest in their activities. Their scouts, always on the lookout for enchanted weaponry to use in their struggle against the White Mantle, noticed the Ettins returning to this place repeatedly, where they harvested some sort of magical essences. Barthalos believed they could be weaponized for the Shining Blade's war effort.

-Master Dungeon Guide

Getting There

Go straight east from Gadd's Encampment, hugging the south wall. With careful manuevering you can avoid any fights on the way there.

  • When you get there, it will look like its blocked by a stone wall. The wall will begin to animate and lift out of the way. If you are in a hurry, you can walk through the stone wall to get to the portal.


Completing this dungeon for the first time requires three linked quests, all given by Saerin in Gadd's Encampment:

You only need Crystal Method for any subsequent completions.



Revealed by Light of Deldrimor: Level 1

  • Warrior-icon-small 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, near the Area Map. Close to the steps to floor 2.A hidden treasure spawns next to it.
  • Hidden treasure at start of dungeon.
  • Hidden treasure in the room where the Paranoia Ettin spawns.
  • Hidden treasure just south east of Paranoia Ettin.

Level 2

  • Warrior-icon-small 24 Dwarven Ghost ally at first Beacon.
  • 3 Hidden treasures next to Poison cloud traps in the first room.
  • Warrior-icon-small 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, by the Middle shrine on floor 2
  • Two Hidden treasure in the passage between the middle and end shrine, beside the second of three poison traps.
  • Warrior-icon-small 24 Dwarven Ghost ally, near the end Shrine on floor 2.

Level 3

  • Secret Switch on the ground under poison trap next to 2nd Beacon of Droknar on floor 3 that opens the door located at the beginning of floor 3
  • Hidden treasure to the left of the Bloodstone
  • Hidden treasure to the right of the Bloodstone
  • Hidden treasure by the bridge leading out of the main chamber
  • Secret Area Floor 3
    • Hidden treasure, take the right passage at the fork, just before the bridge
    • Warrior-icon-small 24 Dwarven Ghost ally - take left passage at fork, on top of hill
    • Hidden treasure, take left passage at fork, to the right of the hill




Boss-like foes



  • Killing Forge Masters, Tomb Ettins, First Inscribed, as well as Paranoia, Crystal, and the Eldritch Ettin causes their Enchanted Shields to vanish. (Enchanted Scythes are not included with the Ettin/Forgemaster mobs and will not disappear if a nearby Ettin or Forge Master are killed)
  • Many of the foes are "non-fleshy" enemies, making builds that focus upon using corpses (as minion masters) less effective. However, there should be enough corpses to make a minion master useful inside the dungeon. Just beware of the Enchanted Scythes, who have Banishing Strike.
  • There are many spawn points, and the dungeon is rather short. However, be prepared for interruptions and daze.
  • Make sure NOT to activate the Inscription Stone outside of the entrance, or you will be repeating Finding the Bloodstone. If you did so then you can resign and will be right at the entrance to the dungeon. (Can be used to remove DP, though.)
  • If you're going to take henchmen, take Lo Sha, as he has Ineptitude and is great for taking out all the warriors (and the boss at the end). As always, Zho is a great interrupter.
  • The final boss group and the two nearby groups (with an Inscribed Ettin in each) are difficult to pull separately. But the groups can be dispatched simultaneously, even in Hard Mode, by most competent parties.
  • The boss key at the end of floor 2 can be pulled very far out of his large group of undead that become hostile when you attack the ettin.
  • The Bloodstone Cave dungeon is dungeon #11 according to the Master Dungeon Guide.
  • It's possible to stand in the area right before the bloodstone, just far enough away, so that the ettin and its group come towards you and retreat, ad infinitum, without taking much damage.


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