Bohdabi the Destructive
Bohdabi the Destructive
Species: Undead
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 28 (30)
Bohdabi the Destructive map
Location in Sulfurous Wastes


Bohdabi the Destructive is a Necromancer boss that can be found in The Sulfurous Wastes.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Be careful of Bohdabi's Deathly Swarm; it can cause massive amounts of damage to your party.
  • It is possible, though difficult, to have one person pull him and his mob off the rocky terrain where the rest of your party is waiting in Junundu, making the fight much easier.
  • Bodyblocking the mob as it charges around the rock and tries to move past your frontline can group them all together, leaving them as easy prey for AoE skills.
  • There are two Awakened Acolytes who use Renew Life. Bringing in a ranger with Frozen Soil and killing them first makes the fight a lot easier.
  • If trying to capture his Elite, be sure that the Awakened Thought Leeches that accompany him have been dealt with first as they may try to cast Ignorance on you.
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