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Books track various PvE accomplishments throughout the Guild Wars campaigns and expansion. Some books can be turned in to an NPC for various rewards, while other books act merely as a guide towards achieving some objective.

See the individual books' articles for detailed acquisition and reward information.


Progression logs[]

These books track a character's progress through a storyline. Both Normal and Hard Mode versions of the books are available unless noted.


  • Young Heroes of TyriaYoung Heroes of Tyria - Hard Mode only. Tracks progress through the initial missions of all three campaigns (the first seven in Prophecies, two in Factions, and three in Nightfall).




Eye of the North[]

Bonus Mission Pack[]

Quest guides[]

These books are meant as guides to completing certain quests.

Gaining Experience and/or Reputation/Allegiance with Books[]

The following are the details of how much experience and reputation may be gained with each book, as well as the relative amount of experience gained per mission completion.

Flameseeker Prophecies: 18 Missions, 4444 (NM) - 6666 (HM) per mission, 80 (NM) - 120k (HM) exp

Shiro's Return: 11 Missions, 3636 (NM) - 5454 (HM) per mission, 40 (NM) - 60k (HM), 40-120k allegiance

Night Falls: 17 Missions, 3529 (NM) - 5294 (HM) exp per mission, 60 (NM) - 90k (HM) exp, 6-9k rep

Young Heroes of Tyria: 13 Missions Hard Mode Only, 5192 (HM) per mission, 67,500 exp (HM), 4,500 rep OR 90k allegiance

Hero's Handbook: 16 Missions, 2500 (NM) - 3750 (HM) per mission, 40 (NM) - 60k (HM) exp, 20-30k rep

Master Dungeon Guide: 21 Dungeons, 2380 (NM) - 5714 (HM) per mission, 80 (NM) - 120k (HM) exp, 40-60k rep

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