Branch of Juni Berries
Branch of Juni Berries
Subtype Reward trophy
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall

The Branch of Juni Berries is a reward from the quest Insatiable Appetite in Marga Coast. You earn one branch of Juni Berries by feeding Toma the drake at least 5 enemies in 3 minutes. If you feed him 10 enemies within the time, you will be rewarded with a second branch, and killing 15 enemies will reward you with 3 branches.



  • A popular method of farming the berries is with the use of necromancers. These necromancers should have a skill that causes sacrifice, such as Blood is Power, and skills that will raise minions, such as Animate Bone Minions. When one necromancer sacrifices itself to death, another necromancer raises minions before the first necromancer is resurrected. Then, the second necromancer can die, leaving enemy minions for Toma to feed upon. This can be repeated for as many times you wish to feed Toma.
  • Another method is to have the quest Undead Defenders active when entering Ronjok from the Sunspear Sanctuary. After the Kournan Commander finishes speaking, speak to Chuno to activate Toma, and then as you slaughter the oncoming Kournans, Toma will eat his fill well before the 3 minute time limit expires. Then collect the reward from Chuno, but not from Elder Jonah. You can abandon and restart the quest repeatedly this way in order to easily collect many branches of juni berries.
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