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Brauer Academy
Brauer Academy.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Outpost
Part of: Echovald Forest
Drazach Thicket, Melandru's Hope


Inside view

Members of House Brauer meet here to gossip, debate, and host celebrations. This Kurzick House is known for its exceptionally gifted sculptors and painters, whose artwork is coveted throughout the world. A favorite Brauer pastime: meeting in the courtyard after evening prayers to display their newest pieces de'arte.

Getting there

Travel southeast from Saint Anjeka's Shrine or northeast from The Eternal Grove. If you have neither of these you can go south from Lutgardis Conservatory.

The route from Lutgardis Conservatory is not direct. From the east exit, you head mostly east with just a slight nudge to the south to get the path/bridge which crosses the river. Head through the arches, under them is the bridge. (This is the first part of the quest Securing Echovald Forest given by Scoutmaster Arne right when you enter the region called Melandru's Hope.) At this point head west along the river. You will be forced to go east around a hill. Once you pass a resurrection shrine, go west across the bridge into Brauer Academy.




Brauer Academy