Bukdek Byway
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Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kaineng City
Shadow's Passage, The Undercity,
Xaquang Skyway, Kaineng Center,
Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter)
The Marketplace
Bukdek Byway
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General Information

Bukdek Byway is an explorable area in Kaineng City. It is located to the south of Kaineng Center and the Western parts of the imperial palace It seems to be one of Kaineng's better districts, considering the good buildings along the coast and the safe streets connecting Kaineng Center to The Marketplace and some kind of square that is more-or-less centrally located.However, the architecture gets shabbier as one moves inland, as do the people, as that area is controlled by the Jade Brotherhood.


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The following quests start in Bukdek Byway:

(Note: Icons indicate profession specific quests, skill rewards or repeatable quests.)

Bukdek Byway


  • There is a Crevasse (labeled Chasm) in the middle of the area where the player can get to Eye of the North. Most tend to get "stuck" in this chasm and go through a time warp, while hearing the song "Let's do the time warp again!"
  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track... Well, you know... Be "chaotic".
    • You can vanquish or be "chaotic" by killing just one foe if you have activated the quests Chasing Zenmai & The Drunken Master and if both Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood & Eliminate the Am Fah are not active. Note: you will initially get the sign that the area has not been vanquished, but without the usual animation. Defeat Drinkmaster Tahnu and you will get credit for vanquishing or attempting to be chaotic.
    • You can vanquish or be chaotic in the area by killing only 3 foes, if you have Chasing Zenmai activated: go to where Zenmai and Bryan are and kill the 3 ambushers. Mind you, you'll miss seeing them make "eye" contact as we all know "something" is between those two.
  • You can reduce Death Penalty by completing Too High a Price, it can be activated and completed without leaving the area. It does not require any combat. Or by using an eye of the north skill while killing. This can reduce the need of sweets, etc. However, we all know that we're "addicted" to the sweets.

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