Captain Besuz
Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 15 (20)


Captain Besuz is a Kournan army officer under the command of General Kahyet. He plays a role in the Blacktide Den mission, in charge of delivering who he thinks are Corsairs to the general. After the "Corsairs" are unmasked as Sunspears, he rushes to General Kahyet's aid with Water Magic spells.


Skills used


"You're to come with me. Hurry up! I want to get out of this god accursed bog as quickly as possible." [sic]
"I was instructed to guide you, not fight for you. You're on your own."
"You're late you know. If my soldiers were as undisciplined as you, they'd hang. Now move it!"
"Clear out these creatures. A true soldier's talents aren't meant for hunting vermin."
"I thought Ironfist was supposed to be with you. No matter. I have orders to follow. Come with me."
"Hurry up and kill these creatures. I've no interest in standing in this filthy place any longer than necessary."
"The next part's a little tricky. Fortunately for you rabble, I've been stuck in this place for weeks, so I know my way around."
"Looks like trouble. You know what to do."
"Stop wasting time and follow me. The general won't tolerate being made to wait."
"Go on and clear the way. I'd join in but I don't want to ruin your fun."
"Heven't given up yet, have you? Come on then."
"You can't go a hundred paces around here without running into something that wants to eat you. Take care of them, will you?"
"I can see you enjoy killing. I expect you've sown quite a bit of chaos here in Istan."
"Don't be shy. Go on, give those monsters what for."
"You're better fighters than I expected. I'm beginning to understand why we hired you."
"I'll be right here. Let me know when the path is safe."
"It's just a thought, but those outfits of yours are so concealing. I imagine we could dress up some Kournan soldiers that way and cause some real damage. Who's to know who you really are when you're dressed up like that, right?"
"We don't have a harpy problem back home, but my time here has tought me not to ignore these vicious creatures."
"It's not far now. I should warn you: the general holds some unusual religious beliefs. Don't let that concern you. You're here to serve her gold, not her god."
"This is the old sunspear crypt. The rendezvous is just around the bend."
"Looks like trouble. You know what to do."
"Come on. General Kahyet is just ahead."
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