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Casting Symbol example

A typical casting symbol of an Elementalist using Fire Magic.

The Casting Symbol is an animated symbol that appears when a character uses a skill. Typically, casting symbols are animated such that they last for the full duration of the skill's activation, although there are exceptions where it appears only at the end of activation. Not all skills have casting symbols — for example, most Attack skills, while they do have other forms of animation, do not generally have any recognizable symbols as part of that animation.


Casting symbols for Spells are generally shared among all spells of a certain attribute. There are a few spells that use the incorrect symbol, such as Life Attunement, a Protection Prayers spell that uses the Healing Prayers symbol. There are also some spells that have unique casting symbols, shown in the next section.

Spells by Attribute
Divine Favor,
No Attribute
Healing Prayers Protection Prayers Smiting Prayers
DivineFavor Symbol Healing Symbol Protection Symbol Smiting Symbol
Soul Reaping,
No Attribute
Blood Magic Curses Death Magic
Necromancer General Spell Symbol Blood Symbol Curses Symbol Death Symbol
Fast Casting,
No Attribute
Domination Magic Illusion Magic Inspiration Magic
Fast Casting Symbol Domination Symbol Illusion Symbol Inspiration Symbol 2
Air Magic Earth Magic Fire Magic Water Magic
Air Symbol 2 Earth Symbol 2 Fire Symbol Water Symbol
Spawning Power,
No Attribute
Channeling Magic Communing Restoration Magic
Spawning Symbol Channeling Symbol Communing Symbol Restoration Symbol
Critical Strikes Deadly Arts Shadow Arts No Attribute
Critical Strikes Symbol Deadly Symbol Shadow Symbol Assassin General Spell Symbol
Mysticism Earth Prayers Wind Prayers No Attribute
Mysticism symbol Earth Prayers symbol Wind Prayers symbol Dervish general spell symbol

Spells with unique symbols

Gaze of Contempt Vampiric Gaze
Gaze of Contempt Symbol NecroSkull Symbol
Aura of Restoration Elem. Attunement,
Elemental Lord,
Second Wind
EnergyStorage Symbol Elementalist General Spell Symbol


Most Signets use a rosette symbol.


The exceptions are:

A few other signets use the usual rosette and a second symbol in addition.


All Glyphs have unique casting symbols.

Concentration Elemental Power Energy Renewal Sacrifice
Glyph of Concentration symbol Glyph of Elemental Power symbol Glyph of Energy symbol Glyph of Renewal symbol Glyph of Sacrifice symbol
Lesser Energy Essence Immolation Restoration Swiftness
Glyph of Lesser Energy symbol Glyph of Essence symbol Glyph of Immolation symbol Glyph of Restoration symbol Glyph of Swiftness symbol

Nature Rituals

All Nature Rituals have a dual casting symbol, consisting of a unique symbol that animates during activation and a shared symbol that appears at the end of activation.

Nature Ritual
end of activation
NatureRitual Symbol
Nature Rituals during activation
Beast Mastery Edge of Extinction Energizing Wind Fertile Season Lacerate
Edge symbol Energizing symbol Fertile symbol Lacerate symbol
Predatory Season Primal Echoes Symbiosis Toxicity
Predatory symbol Primal symbol Symbiosis symbol Toxicity symbol
Expertise Infuriating Heat   Marksmanship Favorable Winds
Infuriating symbol Favorable symbol
Brambles Conflagration Equinox Famine
Brambles symbol Conflagration symbol Equinox symbol Famine symbol
Frozen Soil Greater
Muddy Terrain Nature's Renewal
Frozen symbol Greater symbol Muddy symbol Nature symbol
Pestilence Quickening Zephyr Roaring Winds Tranquility
Pestilence symbol Quickening symbol Roaring symbol Tranquility symbol
Winnowing Winter  
Winnowing symbol Winter symbol

Skills that affect both Player and Pet

A few pet-related skills that buff both the player and pet have symbols. Never Rampage Alone, Rampage as One, and Run as One all start with the "two paws" symbol, which come together to form either the "paw and arrow" or "paw and foot" symbols.

"Two paws" symbol Run as One Rampage as One and
Never Rampage Alone
Ranger-twopaws-animation Ranger-pawandfoot-animation1 Ranger-pawandarrow-animation


The five dervish form skills each have a unique casting symbol depicting the appearance of that form.

Avatar of Balthazar Avatar of Dwayna Avatar of Grenth Avatar of Lyssa Avatar of Melandru
Avatar of Balthazar symbol Avatar of Dwayna symbol Avatar of Grenth symbol Avatar of Lyssa symbol Avatar of Melandru symbol

Other skills

Most other skill types do not have a casting symbol, although many of them do have animations around the character or the character's weapon. Still, there are exceptions in these categories as well.

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