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All articles nominated for deletion belong here. It is a sysop's sacred duty to patrol this category and keep it empty, one way or the other.

See the Deletion log for a list of pages recently deleted.

Flag for deletion with {{delete|reason for deletion}}

Note: Before deleting armor images due to the reason "Unused", please check relevant armor art articles and make sure a corresponding armor image of at least the same quality, if not better, exists. If the unused image is of better quality than the corresponding armor image being used, please switch the two.

Don't delete unattributed images before the 7 day grace period is up, which starts when the image is first flagged.

Note: If something shows up in this category but does not have a deletion tag on it, chances are it shouldn't be deleted. This is usually due to a MediaWikis software behavior. A "null edit" (saving without actually changing anything) should fix the problem.

Also see GuildWars Wikia:Criteria for deletion, GuildWars Wikia:Don't immediately delete, GuildWars Wikia:Article retention, and GuildWars Wikia:Redirect for deletion-related policies.

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