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M.mendel M.mendel 31 May 2011

dealing with inaccurate advice on the wiki

It has been mentioned that it might be better to remove inaccurate advice from mainspace, rather than keeping it.

This would apply probably to most pre-update Dervish advice, and presumably lots of other hints and tips, probably on other professions as well. The affected pages would be guides (e.g. profession guides) and advice on other pages (e.g. notes on skill pages). What else is affected by rising inaccuracy?

Should we delete those pages and notes, or keep them? We could add "out of date" not…

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M.mendel M.mendel 15 May 2011

Fictional announcements announced?

Should we announce the fictional announcement on the mainpage with a header or byline (other than the link at the bottom), or not?

My personal opinion is that it sort of spoils the joke if we do; that we're not really misleading because we don't claim that it's a login announcement at all. What do you think? (And should we have a poll on this?)

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Ariyen Ariyen 7 May 2011

Request for Adminship

I would like to help do some clean-up and other inquiries that most others would prefer not to do. Anything that any sysop/admin/etc. would like of me to do, etc.. Just mostly maintenance work. Ariyen 02:42, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

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M.mendel M.mendel 3 April 2011

Signature templates

In my quest to eliminate green puzzle pieces in the RTE, I've stumbled on pages like User:Skuld/Sig. There are 243 users with signature templates that I know of (= pages starting with User: and ending in sig or Sig or s/Signature).

  • If I substitute these, pages get lots of wikicode dumped on them, but the RTE would probably hide that. For most signatures, anyway.
  • I could replace them with plain links to the person's userpage (like the default for new accounts), but that would change their signatures.


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M.mendel M.mendel 3 April 2011

Landscape Infoboxes

PanSola once made a landscape format skillbox, see e.g. Shield Stance landscape vs. Shield Stance. This looks pretty good now. Do we want to adopt that format?

Actually, we're using that format (or similar) on the quick references (QR).

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