Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Town
Part of: The Jade Sea
Zos Shivros Channel


Although Cavalon is the Luxon's home settlement, most prefer to stay on the move, returning only once every decade, when the Convocation brings together all of the three armadas. Traders from around the world come to buy the precious jade and rare seashells that the Luxon merchants sell here.

Getting there

Complete the quest Journey to Cavalon, acquired from Jamei in Maatu Keep, to gain access via Zos Shivros Channel.

There is an alternate roundabout way to enter Cavalon. From Zos Shivros Channel, exit into the Boreas Seabed explorable area and head west into Mount Qinkai. Then, turn south to go through Breaker Hollow (or start from here if already unlocked), to the Archipelagos. From there, head east along the northern edge to enter Cavalon. Note that you still have to complete the above quest if you want to continue the campaign storyline.




The central square in Cavalon




  • This is capital of the Luxons. The Alliance with the highest Luxon Alliance Faction controls Cavalon. This gives them access to Luxon elite mission the Deep without needing a scroll.
  • There is a glitch in the wall close to the storage area. Go down the steps, and stick against the left wall, right before the block, you will go into it.
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