Celestial Shield
Celestial Shield
Shield details
Attribute(s) Strength
PvP reward type Exotic
Common Piles of Glittering Dust
Rare unknown


The Celestial Shield is a type of shield. It is a medium, roughly crescent-shaped shield with a nebula-like starfield image on its surface. The shield is animated with a rippling effect on its surface, as though water were running down the front of the shield, and also with small stars which float slowly around the shield.


Factions campaign

Core - these versions are inscribable


Celestial Shields cannot be dyed. Attempting to do so may create the sound effect of a successful application of dye, but the dye will not leave your inventory, nor will the shield change color.


Historical note Historical note: Players originally believed that Celestial items only dropped during the Nahpui Quarter mission. However, since the release of the Nightfall campaign, they have been confirmed to drop in many other locations in Kaineng City.
Clipping Clipping issues: This is one of the shields that suffers from clipping issues with the female version of Warrior Primeval armor.
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