Six major celestials appear in the game.

  • Hai Jii, the Phoenix, the representation of fiery eternity in the Underworld (boss).
  • Kaijun Don, the Kirin, the embodiment of corruption (boss).
  • Kuonghsang, the Turtle Dragon, the eternal paradox (boss).
  • Tahmu, the Dragon, a reminder of atrocity, pain, and anguish (boss).
  • Chong, the Celestial Pig, the embodiment of honesty, tolerance and supportiveness (Minipet and event NPC).
  • The Celestial Rat, the embodiment of charm, passion, and charisma (Minipet and event NPC).
  • The Celestial Ox, the embodiment of dependability, patience, and truth (Minipet and event NPC).

Lesser Celestials

LocationTypeCollectable drop
Nahpui QuarterMonk-icon-small20 Essence of Kirin
Necromancer-icon-small20 Essence of Turtle
Mesmer-icon-small20 Essence of Phoenix
Elementalist-icon-small20 Essence of Dragon
Celestial Essence


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