A Shiverpeak Warrior, a typical Centaur

Centaurs are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars.

Centaurs are creatures that feature the body of a horse with the upper torso, arms and head of a humanoid, with two curved, bovid horns growing on the head.

Centaurs are among the more intelligent creatures in Tyria, with a complex social structure. They used to live in peace with humans, but are now at war with them.

By their name and their habitat, Tyrian centaurs can be split up into four groups:

  1. Shiverpeak Centaurs in the Northern Shiverpeaks, led by Horm Frostrider
  2. Maguuma Centaurs in the Maguuma Jungle, led by Ramtha Brokenhoof
  3. Losaru in the Crystal Desert.
  4. Modniir in the Far Shiverpeaks.

There is only one named group of Centaurs in Elona, the Veldrunner pride of Kourna, although the existence of other unnamed prides is mentioned. Though they are not at open war with humans, and bicker amongst themselves, they are very disdainful of humans in general.


Centaurs usually come in groups of 3-5, with a mixture of melee attackers, ranged attackers, spellcasters and healers. There is no predominant profession among Centaurs; they have specialists in every core profession. It is this mixture that makes them dangerous. Bringing down the support units, especially the healers, quickly is essential when attacking such a group.

Furthermore keep in mind that Centaurs . . .

Items dropped

Centaurs may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Centaur Manes
Crafting Materials None
Salvage Items various
(Centaur Hides)

Known Sub-Types

Region Sub-Species
(Profession Level)
Shiverpeak Mountains Ranger-icon-small8 Shiverpeak Longbow
Warrior-icon-small8 Shiverpeak Warrior
Monk-icon-small8 Shiverpeak Protector
Shiverpeak Mane
Maguuma Jungle Ranger-icon-small16 Maguuma Hunter
Monk-icon-small16 Maguuma Protector
Warrior-icon-small16 Maguuma Warrior
Elementalist-icon-small16 Maguuma Avenger
Mesmer-icon-small16 Maguuma Enchanter
Necromancer-icon-small16 Maguuma Warlock
Maguuma Mane
Crystal Desert Warrior-icon-small20 Losaru Bladehand
Ranger-icon-small20 Losaru Bowmaster
Monk-icon-small20 Losaru Lifeband
Mesmer-icon-small20 Losaru Windcaster
Losaru Mane
Far Shiverpeaks Warrior-icon-small20 Modniir Berserker
Ranger-icon-small20 Modniir Hunter
Monk-icon-small20 Modniir Priest
Monk-icon-small20 Modniir Shaman
Modniir Mane

Prominent Centaurs

For an alphabetic list of all Centaurs, including bosses and centaur NPCs, see also: Category:Centaurs


  • Centaurs are creatures of Greek mythology.
  • According to Olias, Centaurs have a bone structure similar to the Charr.
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