Chaelse Flameshielder
Chaelse Flameshielder
Species: Charr
Profession: Monk/Paragon
Level(s): 24
Location Of Chaelse Flameshielder
Location in Grothmar Wardowns


A Charr Monk boss found in the Charr encampment in the east of Grothmar Wardowns.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Chaelse Flameshielder is surrounded by a mobile, large, and well-balanced group of Charr including multiple healers, tanks, rezmers, etc. This makes his group a challenge under normal circumstances, let alone for farming or vanquishing.
  • Taking along the Siege Devourer found in the northwestern area of Grothmar Wardowns helps significantly for clearing out Chaelse's group. Strong Area of Effect damage and anti-caster skills such as Arcane Conundrum also help significantly, as the casters tend to bunch up.


  • This boss' name is a reference to ArenaNet staff member Chelsea Kibler.
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