Challenge missions involve specific scoring objectives, such as holding out against progressive waves of enemies. The rewards may be experience, gold, and, for some missions in Guild Wars Factions, Luxon or Kurzick faction points, depending on completion and mission. You will see personal bests and high scores displayed within the game. In the Nightfall challenge missions it is possible to obtain the items required to change heroes' armor art, the probability of obtaining these items is suspected to increase with higher scores, however it is possible to obtain them even with low scores.

CampaignRegionChallenge MissionReward
CoreThe Battle IslesZaishen ChallengeBalthazar Faction
Zaishen Elite
FactionsKaineng CityDragon's ThroatGold, XP
Echovald ForestAltrumm RuinsKurzick Faction, Gold, XP
Amatz Basin
The Jade SeaZos Shivros ChannelLuxon Faction, Gold, XP
The Aurios Mines
NightfallKournaDajkah InletStolen Sunspear Armor, Gold, XP
The DesolationRemains of SahlahjaAncient Armor Remnants, Gold, XP
Realm of TormentThe Shadow NexusMysterious Armor Pieces, Gold, XP
Eye of the NorthCentral Transfer ChamberGlint's ChallengeCloth of the Brotherhood

In each of these locations, there is a Records NPC listing the current high scores.

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