Champion's Dawn
Champion's Dawn
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Outpost
Part of: Istan
Plains of Jarin, Cliffs of Dohjok


Situated near the mineral-rich Cliffs of Dohjok, Champion's Dawn is the base of operations for the Istani Society of Engineers and Architects. The stone and gems quarried here have fueled Istani architecture for a millenium. The Primeval style has so deeply impacted modern Istani builders that the Society has a long-standing rivalry with the Excavation Corps over the status of the ruins to the west.

Getting there

Travel south by southwest from the Sunspear Great Hall across the Plains of Jarin.

Part of the quest Suwash the Pirate takes place very near the entrance. This quest can be acquired from Sehti in the Sunspear Great Hall.




Champion's Dawn

Note: All of the following quests, except A Land of Heroes, are only available to Nightfall characters.
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