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Normal Mode Chests

The landscapes of Tyria, Cantha, Elona, and the known parts of the mists, are all dotted with randomly positioned locked chests, which are guaranteed to contain uncommon or rare items. Whenever your party finds a locked chest, multiple party members can each use their own keys to unlock the chest and get their own loot. Monsters randomly drop chest keys, and you can also buy chest keys from Merchants. Chests differ in regions and can only be unlocked with the appropriate key. A chest can only be opened once per player per time of visiting the area where the chest is in.

A player can open a chest with the corresponding key (i.e. a Krytan Key will open a Krytan Chest). Whoever opens the chest is granted a piece of loot. Therefore, if you open a chest it is not possible for the loot to be assigned to anyone else in your party. Usually, the farther through the game you are the better the loot becomes. The chest loot is randomized for each player so that players may get items of different rarity.

With few exceptions, an explorable area ideally has five locked chests.(Tombs Of Primeval Kings contain 3 chests, so you might want to get 3 phantom keys before entering.) Locked chests will always spawn along with a monster group. Therefore it's not possible to find unguarded locked chests. However, sometimes a chest will be associated with a monster group that has yet to spawn (i.e. a hidden pop-up group like Oni) at which case, approaching the chest will cause them to pop-up.

In areas where there are groups that spawn as a result of taking quests or causing certain triggers (like Luxon groups in the Echovald Forest or Stygian groups in the Stygian Veil), the chest will not appear until the group has been triggered.

Normal mode chest loot

Loot in locked chests is usually similar to loot dropped by monsters in the explorable area.

For example, Darkstone Chests in Ring of Fire area display these properties:

Thus, when aiming for specific loot, look for chests that are in an explorable area with monsters that can drop the desired item.

Locked Chests

Hard Mode Locked Chest.jpg

Locked Chests (chests marked only as the aforementioned) are found in both hard mode and Eye of the North areas, and only lockpicks can open them. The open chest dialog will show your chance of opening chest without breaking the lockpick. Hard mode Locked Chests generally contain much higher quality loot than you would otherwise find.

Unlocked Chests

In Pre-Searing, players will find lots of unlocked Hidden Stashes. But in Post-Searing, unlocked chests are uncommon. However, in the Ascalon region players will find piles of Wreckage that may contain some gold or goods.

Unlocked chests are chests that do not require a key, and can be opened by anyone. However, the loot can be assigned to anyone in your party. In the Realms of the Gods, completing a quest will usually reveal a chest near the reward giver that is also an unlocked chest.

These chests can also be found at the end of most dungeons in Eye of the North, after beating the dungeon's boss, however, they do not count towards the Treasure Hunter title for opening each one.

Mission/Quest Chests

Several quests include chests (e.g. the quest "The Royal Papers"). These are unlocked and reveal quest items when opened.

List of unlocked chests

Prophecies campaign

Factions campaign

Nightfall campaign

1 Stygian Chests, Titan Chests, Torc'qua Chests, Tormented Chests, and Citadel Chests work like locked chests except that they don't require a key. The number of anguish gemstones in normal mode is 1 for the first chest opened on a run, 2 for the second chest opened on a run, 3 for the third, and 4 for the fourth; twice the amount in hard mode.

Eye of the North expansion



High end chests
Core chests
Phantom Chest
The Underworld
Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Obsidian Chest
The Fissure of Woe
Locked Chest
All hard mode and
Eye of the North areas
Locked Chest.jpg
Hall of Heroes Chest
The Hall of Heroes
HoH chest.jpg
Zaishen Chest
Zaishen Chest
Zaishen chest.jpg
Underworld Chest
The Underworld
Underworld Chest.jpg
Chest of Woe
The Fissure of Woe
Chest of Woe.jpg
Prophecies Chests
Ascalonian Chest
Steel Chest
Northern Shiverpeaks
Krytan Chest
Maguuma Chest
Maguuma Jungle
Elonian Chest
Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Chest
Southern Shiverpeaks
Darkstone Chest
Ring of Fire Islands
Miner's Chest
Sorrow's Furnace
Phantom Chest
Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Factions chests
Shing Jea Chest
Shing Jea Island
Shing Jea Chest.jpg
Canthan Chest
Kaineng City
Canthan Chest.jpg
Kurzick Chest
Echovald Forest
Kurzick Chest.jpg
Luxon Chest
Jade Sea
Luxon Chest.jpg
Forbidden Chest
Raisu Palace
Forbidden Chest.jpg
Stoneroot Chest
Urgoz's Warren
Stoneroot Chest.jpg
Deep Jade Chest
The Deep
File:Deep Jade Chest.jpg
Nightfall chests
Istani Chest
Istani Chest.jpg
Kournan Chest
Kournan Chest.jpg
Vabbi Chest
Vabbi Chest.jpg
Ancient Elonian Chest
The Desolation
Ancient Elonian Chest.jpg
Margonite Chest
Realm of Torment and
Nightfallen Garden
Margonite Chest.jpg
Demonic Chest
Domain of Anguish
Demonic Chest.jpg

Eye of the North Dungeon Chests
Chest of Kathandrax
Catacombs of Kathandrax: Level 3
Chest of Kathandrax.jpg Hidesplitter's Chest
Rragar's Menagerie: Level 3
Hidesplitter's Chest
Hidesplitter's Chest.jpg
Murakai's Chest
Cathedral of Flames: Level 3
Murakaichest.JPG Prismatic Chest
Ooze Pit: Level 1
Prismatic Chest.JPG
Havok's Chest
Darkrime Delves: Level 3
Havok's Chest.jpg Chest of Burrows
Frostmaw's Burrows: Level 5
Chest of Burrows.jpg
Dragrimmar Chest
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar: Level 2
Dragrimmar Chest.jpg Destroyer Chest
Raven's Point: Level 3
Destroyer chest.jpg
Zoldark's Chest
Vloxen Excavations: Level 3
File:Zoldark's Chest.jpg Bogroot's Chest
Bogroot Growths
Bogroot Chest.JPG
Eldritch Chest
Bloodstone Caves: Level 3
Eldritch Chest.JPG Fendi's Chest
Shards of Orr: Level 3
Fendi's Chest.JPG
Oola's Chest
Oola's Lab: Level 3
Oola's Chest.JPG Arachni's Spoils
Arachni's Haunt: Level 2
Aracni's Chest.JPG
Chest of the Slaver
Slavers' Exile: Level 3
Chest of the Slaver.jpg Hierophant's Chest
Slavers' Exile: Level 4
Hierophant's Chest
Hierophant's Chest.jpg
Irontoe's Chest
Fronis Irontoe's Lair: Level 1
Irontoe's Chest.jpg Chest of Wintersday Past
Secret Lair of the Snowmen: Level 1
Chest of WIntersday Past.jpg
Mountain Heart Chest
Heart of the Shiverpeaks: Level 3
Mountain Heart Chest.JPG Chest of the Brotherhood
Glint's Challenge: Level 1
Drops Cloth of the Brotherhood and Destroyer Core
Chest of the Brotherhood.jpg


Bug.png Bug! In some quests and missions NPCs will become stuck on randomly placed boxes during the run to their target spot and will be unable to move. You will have to restart and the box will be randomly placed again.

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