Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


Chuntao is a collector who trades five Miniature Pigs for a Miniature Celestial Pig. She was added in the 2008 Canthan New Year Festival.



You won't believe this! The Celestial Pig visited me! Yes me! I had a lunar fortune, and when I used it, he showed up. He said he wants his Miniature Pigs back. He gave out too many last year, and now he wants me to collect some back for him. I'm not joking. He gave me these divine porcine images of himself to trade. Give me just 5 Miniature Pigs, and you can have one too!
I would like a Miniature Celestial Pig. Here are 5 Miniature Pigs from last year.
I don't have 5 Miniature Pigs that I want to part with at this time.
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