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Communing's casting symbol
This symbol usually appears above the caster while casting a Communing spell.
(For details see: Skill animation)

The Communing attribute reflects a Ritualist's skill when creating spirits. This is not a primary attribute and may be used by secondary ritualists.

Guild Wars description

No inherent effect. Many Ritualist skills, especially those related to summoning spirits, become more effective with higher Communing.

General description

Communing is a requirement for meeting a wand's or staff's max damage.

The Communing attribute increases the duration and effectiveness of a created ritualist spirit through communing skills.

Associated skills

Most Binding Rituals are linked to the Communing attribute. Communing also includes several anti-caster skills and several offensive, defensive and support Weapon Spells. Communing also contains Restoration, one of the Ritualist's four resurrection skills, Shadowsong, one of the Ritualist's three blindness inflicting skills, Dissonance, one of the Ritualist's three interruption skills, and the Ritualist's only Adrenaline denial, Enchantment removal, knockdown and snare / attack prevention skills.

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