Consulate Docks
Consulate Docks
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Istan

For information on the mission, see Consulate Docks (mission).


These docks, located behind the imposing Consulate building at the northern end of Kamadan, are used solely for official government business. They can only be accessed though the Consulate, and then only with written approval. Elders traveling to the Elonian mainland, as well as ambassadors from Kourna and Vabbi, depart from here, bypassing the chaos of the common docks, which are used for trade vessels and tourists.

The mission at this location will send players to Kourna.

Getting there

Complete the primary quest The Time is Nigh to gain access.




Consulate Docks


  • It is possible to gain access to this location at a low level by joining someone doing The Time is Nigh quest in order to purchase max armor from Vatundo.
  • Although the location for this mission appears on the island of Istan, the loading screen indicates that this is a Kournan location, likely due to the mission taking place in Gandara.
  • This is one of the few locations without a merchant; you may sell items in your inventory to Vatundo, as you would a merchant, however.
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