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"Core" is the term that is being used to label all game content that is not exclusive for one campaign (chapter), but accessible for players of any campaign.

This is a list of Core content:


There are a few game features that do not fall under the complete definition of "core", in that they are not present in all campaigns, but they are still available in more than one campaign. These features include:

  • Armor: These art styles are available in both Prophecies and Factions for the core professions, but are not present in Nightfall.
  • Special Event headgear: These items were available in Prophecies and Nightfall, but were not available in Factions.
  • Various Bounty-based titles are available everywhere except Prophecies. The titles themselves vary, but the concept is common in that you gain reputation with a particular faction or group.

Common non-core features

Some features are not strictly part of core set but so far had been found in each campaign: