Description from the official Costume FAQ:

Costumes are items that are equipped into a character's costume slots to change their appearance. Costumes are decorative items only. They are worn over a character's existing armor without affecting any stats.

There are slots for costume headpieces and body pieces in the inventory window. Similar to guild capes and headgear, these slots have toggles you can set to show or hide your costume in combat areas or towns and outposts. Costumes are automatically hidden during PvP matches.

Unlike armor, those costumes that can be dyed are usually not dyed gray by default; the default colors are noted on the individual articles.


Full costumes

Full costumes consist of a headpiece and a body piece. They can be purchased through the Guild Wars In-Game Store or the NCsoft store. All of these pieces can be dyed.

To receive a purchased costume see the Costume Maker. These NPCs can be found in Kamadan, Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Release event Costume
Set Head piece(s) Body piece(s)
Wintersday 2009 Dwayna's Regalia Dwayna's Diadem Dwayna's Regalia
Grenth's Regalia Grenth's Visage Grenth's Regalia
War in Kryta Shining Blade Uniform Shining Blade Cowl Shining Blade Uniform
White Mantle Disguise White Mantle Mitre White Mantle Robes
Halloween 2010 Lunatic Court Finery Lunatic Court Helm Lunatic Court Finery
Lunatic Court Headless Finery
Raiment of the Lich Aspect of the Lich
Cowl of the Lich
Raiment of the Lich
Hearts of the North Wedding Couple Attire Wedding Headpiece Wedding Finery
Traditional Wedding Finery
Formal Attire Formal Headwear Formal Outfit
Dapper Tuxedo Dapper Top Hat Dapper Tuxedo
Wintersday 2010 Agent of Balthazar Horned Helm of Balthazar Balthazar's Doublet
Disciple of Melandru Melandru's Helm Melandru's Vestments

Festival hats

Festival hats are costume headpieces handed out as a reward during seasonal special events. They can be "registered" at a festival hat maker by showing it to him, and he can then create that hat for all characters on your account.

Most festival hats cannot be dyed. Those that can be dyed are marked with a (*) in the table below.

Legend: L - Lion's Arch, K - Kamadan, G - Grenth victory, D - Dwayna victory.

Dragon Festival Halloween Wintersday
2005 Pumpkin Crown L Horns of Grenth G
Yule Cap D
2006 Dragon Mask* Furious Pumpkin Crown L
Wicked Hat K
Great Horns of Grenth G, L
Stylish Yule Cap D, L
Jester's Cap* G, K
Freezie Crown D, K
2007 Demon Mask Scarecrow Mask L
Mummy Mask K
Ice Crown G
Wreath Crown D
2008 Grasping Mask Zombie Face Paint L
Lupine Mask K
Grentch Cap G
Rudi Mask D
2009 Imperial Dragon Mask* Charr Hat L
Skeleton Face Paint K
Ice Shard Crest G
Snow Crystal Crest D
2010 Sinister Dragon Mask* Furrocious Ears L
Spectercles K
Demonic Horns G
Divine Halo D
Other Lion Mask* (every Canthan New Year) • Tengu Mask* (Day of the Tengu 2006)

Image Gallery

Full costumes

The costumes marked with an asterisk (*) have alternative looks, click on the individual galleries to see them.

Dwayna's Regalia Grenth's Regalia White Mantle Disguise Shining Blade Uniform
Dwayna's Regalia F default front.jpgDwayna's Regalia M default front.jpg Grenth's Regalia F default front.jpgGrenth's Regalia M default front.jpg White Mantle Disguise F default front.jpgWhite Mantle Disguise M default front.jpg Shining Blade Uniform F default front.jpgShining Blade Uniform M default front.jpg
Agent of Balthazar Disciple of Melandru Lunatic Court Finery* Raiment of the Lich*
Agent of Balthazar F default front.jpgAgent of Balthazar M default front.jpg Disciple of Melandru F default front.jpgDisciple of Melandru M default front.jpg Lunatic Court Finery F default front.jpgLunatic Court Finery M default front.jpg Raiment of the Lich F default front.jpgRaiment of the Lich M default front.jpg
Dapper Tuxedo Formal Attire Wedding Couple Attire*
Dapper Tuxedo F default front.jpgDapper Tuxedo M default front.jpg Formal Attire F default front.jpgFormal Attire M default front.jpg Wedding Couple Attire F default front.jpgWedding Couple Attire M default front.jpg

Note that the male Dapper Tuxedo and Formal Attire are identical, except for the name.

Festival hats

Dragon Festival Halloween Wintersday
2005 Pumpkin Crown gray front.jpg Yule Cap gray front.jpg Horns of Grenth gray front.jpg
2006 Dragon Mask gray front.jpg Furious Pumpkin Crown gray front.jpg Wicked Hat.jpg Stylish Yule Cap gray front.jpg Great Horns of Grenth gray front.jpg Jester's Cap gray front.jpg Freezie Crown gray front.jpg
2007 Demon Mask gray front.jpg Scarecrow Mask gray front.jpg Mummy Mask gray front.jpg Ice Crown gray front.jpg Wreath Crown gray front.jpg
2008 Grasping Mask gray front.jpg Lupine Mask gray front.jpg Zombie Face Paint gray front.jpg Rudi Mask gray front.jpg Grentch Cap gray front.jpg
2009 Imperial Dragon Mask gray front.jpg Charr Hat gray front.jpg Skeleton Face Paint gray front.jpg Snow Crystal Crest gray front.jpg Ice Shard Crest gray front.jpg
2010 Sinister Dragon Mask gray front.jpg Furrocious Ears gray front.jpg Spectercles gray front.jpg Demonic Horns gray front.jpg Divine Halo gray front.jpg
Other Tengu Mask gray front.jpgLion Mask gray front.jpg
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