1. Defeat the Eldritch Ettin.
  2. See Saerin for your reward.

Obtained from

Saerin in Gadd's Encampment


Finding the Bloodstone



The Eldritch Ettin is located on the third level of the Bloodstone Caves and is the final boss of that dungeon. Along with his own mob of enchanted shields and scythes, there are two additional mobs close by consisting of a First Inscribed ettin, and more enchanted weapons. It is not necessary to defeat these other groups to complete the quest. Defeating him will drop the spectral crystal and reveal the Eldritch Chest.

It is fairly straightforward getting to him, however he is a very powerful warrior boss and can wreak havoc on an unprepared party. Having a bonder monk is helpful, as well as a tank to soak up most of his damage and hold aggro.


Initial dialogue


"Ah, so you've returned for more punishment, 'name'! Very good. Guess what? One of our scouts barely escaped with his life, but he brought back a tale of a fierce, ornery ettin, more fearsome than anything we've yet slain. It was, predictably, gathering spectral crystals. I'm not sure what has addicted these lumbering hulks to to the magic crystals, but there is no doubt in my mind it is tied to the Bloodstone. They must be ours. Deal this ettin a deadly blow and bring us what is ours. Are you prepared to risk life...and looks...for us this one last time?"
Accept: "I'll deal some damage."
Decline: "I'm noticing a pattern here. Count me out."
When asked about quest: "The ettin harvesting spectral crystals still breathes. Fix that, won't you?"

Reward dialogue


"This is a greater find than I had dared dream, 'name'. Your usefulness never fails to impress me. Bit by bit, the tieds of war will turn against the White Mantle, sweeping them away so that a new time of peace may dawn on Kryta. Pray we will all be there to see it, friend."
"Go on, pray!"



It is useful to bring an anti-melee party member (such as a curses necro or a mesmer), as the Eldritch Ettin can deal a significant amount of melee damage.


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