Crystal Overlook
Crystal Overlook
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: The Desolation
The Ruptured Heart,

The Alkali Pan, The Arid Sea

Crystal Overlook Map
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General Information

The Crystal Overlook is an explorable area in The Desolation, though it bears some resemblance to the Crystal Desert to the north. The sand is a lighter shade of grey than the non-sulphurous sand in the rest of the Desolation, closer to the yellow-brown of the Southern Crystal Desert. There is also little stone or sulphur here, but despite that, not much of this area may be traversed on a Junundu due to its placement. There is a ruined village and a graveyard along the north edge, established during Turai Ossa's ill-fated pilgrimage to the Crystal Desert.

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Crystal Overlook














The statue of the female warrior in the Arid Sea can be seen on the horizon.

  • Vanquishers will have to defeat 191-201 foes in this area.
  • The Forgotten Guardian at the Northwest corner of the map offers teleportation to the Arid Sea in Tyria, if the character has previously been to the Amnoon Oasis.
  • This is the only area in any of the games from which you can see one of the other continents. The statue in the Arid Sea is visible from some northern locations in the Overlook, including the portal to the area.
    • One can use the statue as a point for triangulating the direction of the Arid Sea and the rest of Tyria in relation to the rest of Elona.
    • Proper triangulation will reveal that Tyria is located too close to Elona — part of the Thirsty River overlaps with part of the Ruptured Heart.
  • Once you cross the bridge there will be a small human village with a cemetery. If you come close to it a level 10 Relentless Corpse will spawn. He will attack you when you approach him.
  • Zehtuka's Great Horn can be found among the ruins in the Sulfurous Haze laden area.
  • Fully exploring the Crystal Overlook will contribute ~2.8% to the Elonian Cartographer Title.
  • This is one of three explorable areas outside the continent of Tyria not connected to a staging area.

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