Dajkah Inlet
Dajkah Inlet
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kourna
Marga Coast, Sunward Marches

For information on the mission, see Dajkah Inlet (mission).


The settlement at Dajkah Inlet was destroyed long ago by a Centaur raid, but that hasn't kept the corsairs and smugglers out. Now a busy base of operations for any number of dastardly deeds, you best mind your manners in Dajkah, before the townfolk there decide to educate you on corsair etiquette.

Getting there

The most direct way of reaching here for the first time is to complete the Consulate Docks mission and then talk to Dockmaster Ahlaro in Kamadan to take a ship here.

Travel overland can be from the Command Post or the Venta Cemetery, then through the Sunward Marches to the southwestern corner. Or, if coming from either Yohlon Haven or Nundu Bay, travel through Marga Coast and head towards the northwestern corner.





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