Dalada Uplands
Dalada Uplands
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Charr Homelands
Grothmar Wardowns,
Sacnoth Valley, Doomlore Shrine
Dalada Uplands Map
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Dalada Uplands is an Explorable Area in the Charr Homelands. Its geography can be more-or-less divided into three parts, a forest in the north, an extremely open plain in the west, and steep hills in the southeast, possibly the beginning of the same system as Sacnoth Valley in the South. To the southwest of the Uplands is a lake containing what many believe to be the Dragon Kralkatorrik.


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Dalada Uplands


Siege Devourer Dalada Uplands map

Location of the Siege Devourer

Dalada Uplands - Vanquished

Dalada Uplands vanquished

  • The Siege Devourer can be subdued and then ridden, and you can take it into either of the adjoining areas, Grothmar Wardowns and Sacnoth Valley. The devourer cannot be taken into the quest Assault on the Stronghold, although you will still control it after completing the quest.
  • Vanquishers must defeat 273-302 foes in this area.
    • It is strongly recommended to use the Siege Devourer against Molotov Rocktail, as he can wipe out an entire party with his Devourer Siege. Spread the party out before aggroing him, and make sure the player riding the devourer draws his siege, then move everyone adjacent to him so that he can't use his siege again.
    • There is a point just southeast of center where a number of Charr patrols converge at a narrow crossroads (green dots on map). It may be best to approach this point from multiple directions to clear out some of the groups before moving through.
  • Enemies killed by the non-rideable Siege Devourer (part of the quest What Must Be Done) will not count for the Vanguard Patrol bounty or related bonuses.
  • The object along the border with Grothmar Wardowns is speculated to be the Water Dragon.
  • One of the easternmost parts of Tyria lies within this explorable area (the other is in Sacnoth Valley).
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