Darksteel Longbow
Darksteel Longbow
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Marksmanship
Damage Type(s): Piercing damage
Bow Class: Longbow
Common: Cannot be salvaged
Rare: Cannot be salvaged

The Darksteel Longbow is a weapon which is available in the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack.

Weapon stats


Collector / Weaponsmith counterpart

This weapon's stats can be fully duplicated with:


  • This longbow can be upgraded with a Bow Grip, but any new mods added to this weapon cannot be salvaged.
  • This item is always customized for the character that the /bonus command was used with. However, this command can be reused on each character, consistently respawning the weapon.
  • Although the weapon is customized for the character, heroes can still use it. When using the /bonus command while a hero has it equipped, it creates a second item in the character's inventory that can be used normally.
  • It cannot be placed in the trade window.
  • It cannot be dropped.


Dye affects the entire bow. The default color looks to be yellow.

Darksteel Longbow Dye Chart


  • The design of this weapon is one of the finalists in ArenaNet's second Design-a-Weapon Contest which ran in 2007. It was designed by Marko Cvetkovic.
  • Darksteel in Magic the Gathering is a metal of such hardness and strength that it can scratch both adamantium and Diamond. This could be a reason as to why the salvaging tools can not remove the upgrades on this bow.
  • A Darksteel Bow would be impossible to use because no entity would be able to string such a bow, let alone put enough tension on the bowstring to fire an arrow.

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