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Dead Sword
Dead Sword
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Swordsmanship
Damage type(s):Slashing damage
Common:Iron Ingots


A long sword with a serpentine blade emitting from the mouth of a horned skull that, combined with the spiked collar below it, is served as the crosspiece of the sword.


  • Dropped by Undead and Mandragor in Istan (rare and not max)
  • Confirmed to drop in the Desolation and can also be found in Ancient Elonian chests.
  • Dropped in Realm of Torment


This sword can not be dyed.


The dead sword bears a great resemblance to the Soul Reaver sword which is wielded by the vampire Kain in the "Legacy of Kain" and "Soul Reaver" games.

This item can be farmed easily(drop rates are quite good) with a 55hp monk (SoJ as elite, Mantra of Resolve also needed) during the quest: Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves (fail the quest and kill 5 groups of slaves; if any of the slave warriors carry a Dead Sword in his hands, it will be a gold Dead Sword drop -- they don't have any enchantment removal so the farming is very easy). To reach the quest just go out at Bone Palace, through Joko's Domain and to The Shattered Ravines (there is a res shrine next to the portal, so in Junundu form it is very easy to reach the area). Don't aggro the Margonite group. The King with the quest is very close to the zone entrance from Joko's Domain.

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