Deldrimor War Camp
Deldrimor War Camp
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Outpost
Part of: Southern Shiverpeaks
Grenth's Footprint


A dozen years ago, two Ascalon explorers, Marshall Whitman and Tasca, planted a flag in the ground and declared this thin patch of the ground to be their base camp. Those days of peaceful exploration are now gone, replaced by ballistae, Deldrimor soldiers, and Dolyaks perched on the precipice of Grenth's Footprint.

This is the outpost closest to Sorrow's Furnace. It was added as part of the Sorrow's Furnace update.

Getting there

From Camp Rankor, head north through Snake Dance and head east into Grenth's Footprint. From there, signs will show the way (a short distance north and east).

From Granite Citadel, head south into Spearhead Peak, follow the narrow way south, and turn west into Grenth's Footprint. From there, head west-southwest.






  • Apart from the regular Tyrian musical score, this outpost is one of two in Tyria - the other being The Granite Citadel - that includes an additional musical composition, consisting mainly of flute and violin.That composition is called "Over the Shiverpeaks" in the Guild Wars Official Soundtrack
Bug Bug! There is part of the outpost near the portal that the music stops abruptly.
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