Deldrimor armor is a collection of individual elite armor pieces that are meant to be either worn together or mixed-and-matched with pieces from other armor sets to suit the player's preference. They do not form a complete "set" for each profession, thus they cannot be displayed on the Monument of Resilience. The one exception is Warrior Silver Eagle armor, which is a complete set.

There is a piece for each of the chest, legs, and feet for every profession; only Warriors, Monks, Necromancers, Elementalists, and Assassins have a piece for the hands. There are also one head piece and three hand pieces that are available to all professions.

Deldrimor armor is also often called "Dwarven armor" by players.


Deldrimor armor pieces can be crafted by Gobrech Stonefoot in Central Transfer Chamber for 10Platinum plus materials per piece, after reaching the rank of "Bold Delver (5)" in the Deldrimor Title Track.

Detailed view by Profession

Common armor

Bandana Chaos GlovesDragon GauntletsStone Gauntlets
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Bandana F gray front Bandana M gray front Chaos Gloves F gray front Chaos Gloves M gray front Dragon Gauntlets F gray front Dragon Gauntlets M gray front Stone Gauntlets F gray front Stone Guantlets F gray front


Silver Eagle
Female Male
Warrior Silver Eagle Armor F gray front Warrior Silver Eagle Armor M gray front

Deldrimor armor Heavy BreastplateIronfist GauntletsStalwart LeggingsSturdy Boots
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Warrior Deldrimor Armor F gray front Warrior Deldrimor Armor M gray front Heavy Breastplate F gray front Heavy Breastplate M gray front Ironfist Gauntlets F gray front Ironfist Gauntlets M gray front Stalwart Leggings F gray front Stalwart Leggings M gray front Sturdy Boots F gray front Sturdy Boots M gray front


Deldrimor armor Leather Long CoatSterling LeggingsEmbroidered Boots
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Ranger Deldrimor Armor F gray front Ranger Deldrimor Armor M gray front Leather Long Coat F gray front Leather Long Coat M gray front Sterling Leggings F gray front Sterling Leggings M gray front Embroidered Boots F gray front Embroidered Boots M gray front


Deldrimor armor Gilded VestmentsAdorned HandwrapsAureate PantsOcher Sandals
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Monk Deldrimor Armor F gray front Monk Deldrimor Armor M gray front Gilded Vestments F gray front Gilded Vestments M gray front Adorned Handwraps F gray front Adorned Handwraps M gray front Aureate Pants F gray front Aureate Pants M gray front Ocher Sandals F gray front Ocher Sandals M gray front


Deldrimor armor Gloomcrest TunicGrim GlovesDeathlace LeggingsDemonhorn Boots
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Necromancer Deldrimor Armor F gray front Necromancer Deldrimor Armor M gray front Gloomcrest Tunic F gray front Gloomcrest Tunic M gray front Grim Gloves F gray front Grim Gloves M gray front Deathlace Leggings F gray front Deathlace Leggings M gray front Demonhorn Boots F gray front Demonhorn Boots M gray front


Deldrimor armor Elegant Long CoatStudded HoseSilken Footwear
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Mesmer Deldrimor Armor F gray front Mesmer Deldrimor Armor M gray front Elegant Long Coat F gray front Elegant Long Coat M gray front Studded Hose F gray front Studded Hose M gray front Silken Footwear F gray front Silken Footwear M gray front


Deldrimor armor Thaumaturgic RobesYeoryios GlovesExquisite LeggingsMajestic Shoes
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Elementalist Deldrimor Armor F gray front Elementalist Deldrimor Armor M gray front Thaumaturgic Robes F gray front Thaumaturgic Robes M gray front Yeoryios Gloves F gray front Yeoryios Gloves M gray front Exquisite Leggings F gray front Exquisite Leggings M gray front Majestic Shoes F gray front Majestic Shoes M gray front


Deldrimor armor Spiked GuiseBladed GlovesOni LeggingsWinged Shoes
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Assassin Deldrimor Armor F gray front Assassin Deldrimor Armor M gray front Spiked Guise F gray front Spiked Guise M gray front Bladed Gloves F gray front Bladed Gloves M gray front Oni Leggings F gray front Oni Leggings M gray front Winged Shoes F gray front Winged Shoes M gray front


Deldrimor armor Opulent RaimentScale LeggingsBeaded Shoes
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Ritualist Deldrimor Armor F gray front Ritualist Deldrimor Armor M gray front Opulent Raiment F gray front Opulent Raiment M gray front Scale Leggings F gray front Scale Leggings M gray front Beaded Shoes F gray front Beaded Shoes M gray front


Deldrimor armor Light BreastplateHooked LeggingsPadded Sandals
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Dervish Deldrimor Armor F gray front Dervish Deldrimor Armor M gray front Light Breastplate F gray front Light Breastplate M gray front Hooked Leggings F gray front Hooked Leggings M gray front Padded Sandals F gray front Padded Sandals M gray front


Deldrimor armor Winged RaimentSashed LeggingsBanded Sandals
Female Male FemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMale
Paragon Deldrimor Armor F gray front Paragon Deldrimor Armor M gray front Winged Raiment F gray front Winged Raiment M gray front Sashed Leggings F gray front Sashed Leggings M gray front Banded Sandals F gray front Banded Sandals M gray front

Hero Deldrimor armor

Certain heroes can have their armor upgraded to Deldrimor armor with a Deldrimor Armor Remnant from the Slavers' Exile elite dungeon.

Jora Pyre Fierceshot Anton Livia Hayda
Jora Armor Deldrimor Front Pyre Fierceshot Armor Deldrimor Front Anton Armor Deldrimor Front Livia Armor Deldrimor Front Hayda Armor Deldrimor Front
Kahmu Gwen Xandra Vekk Ogden Stonehealer
Kahmu Armor Deldrimor Front Gwenfront Elite Armor Xandra Vekk Armor Deldrimor Front Ogden Stonehealer Armor Deldrimor Front
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