Destroyer Core
Destroyer Core
Subtype None
Rarity Common
Value 30 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Profitable No
Common salvage Granite Slab: 6-8
Rare salvage None

Destroyer Cores are the trophies dropped by Destroyers.

What drops it


Armor collectors

Odon Scragglebeard

Location: Central Transfer Chamber
Collecting: 250 Destroyer Cores

Profession Item Name Armor Other Modifiers Value
All Destroyer Gauntlets Max Armor: by class by class  ?? Gold


  • The Destructive Research quest requires you to obtain 3 Destroyer Cores.
  • This item shares the same inventory icon as Imp Hearts and Roaring Ether Hearts.
  • The drop rate for destroyer cores is roughly 4-8% per destroyer killed.
  • The first round of fighting in Glint's Challenge can be an effective way to gain Destroyer Cores, since it consists of lower-level Destroyers that can be killed quickly.
  • You could exchange these for various party, alcohol, and sugar items during the Farewell to Gaile event in 2008.
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